Friday, January 02, 2009

Hello 2009!

2008 was such an eventful year for me
  • Bought many pairs of shoes to add to my collection - as I was teased before - I need a separate U-Haul to move them. Also got rid of some pairs which I have not even worn to make space in my closet. My last purchase for 2008 - a pair of Dolce Vita boots.

  • Bought a few purses which is a first for me since I am not really into purses as much as shoes. My latest addition - these Badgley totes that I got at steal prices from Gilt!

  • I picked up on my book reading.
  • Started going to belly dancing and Zumba classes and have fallen in love with it.
  • I started blogging again and even got my own domain name -
  • My fashion web source is in the works which I am hoping to launch before the end of this quarter. So watch out for it. Oh and I am looking for fashion contributors!
  • Made really wonderful friends!
A lot of things happened professionally that made me realize how blessed I am despite the recent economic downturn. Blessings that offset the personal events that spiced up last year =)

For 2009, I look forward to
  • Continue blogging
  • Travel to Bahamas, O.C. (of course), New York (of course) , Cabo San Lucas and maybe Rio de Janeiro (right Con?). These are trips that we have started planning late last year.
  • Finish reading Marley and Me. A book that was given by a friend two and a half years ago and still have not had a chance to finish reading. I finally decided it is time to do so before I see the movie =P
  • More walks for Boemee. I have pretty much neglected my "bunso" last year because of all the "busy-ness".

  • And of course, more shoes (and maybe a few purses) to add to my collection! Some of which will be featured in my coming Look Book.
  • Get back into Pilates.
I have a bottomless bucket list for which I am looking at crossing out some of it this 2009. I hope this year is even better than what 2008 brought about!

So, have a happy and blessed new year!
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