Monday, November 09, 2009

Shoe Shopping Guide and an Award

First of all I apologize for not having had the chance to say hi to your blogs. I promise to do so very soon as I am just a little busy with my other life outside the bloggosphere. I waited a long time for it so I am just enjoying every minute of it.

Now, on to the main topic for this post - SHOE SHOPPING. I can safely assume that most women love shoes. It's the one (almost) constant aspect of our bodies that we never really worry about. Regardless if we gain or lose weight.

So yes, my name is Tey and I love shoes!

A friend sent me this link and right there and then I knew I had to share it.

Shoe buying experience
from here

It just proves how complicated our decision making skills are compared to men and the things we think of to justify our shoe purchases lol.

Are you the same way when it comes to shoe shopping? Do you always have a reason to buy shoes? What was the most ridiculous reason you came up with to justify purchasing those pair of shoes that you don't really need?

Mine? I got a pair of strappy Loubies in case Ashton Kutcher asks me out on a date. Yes, my GG and I already had an agreement that I can go on an hour date with Ashton - the only exception to our exclusivity lol. If that ever happens, I die. Ok, ok, back to the topic - shoes. So yes, please tell me what excuses you came up with to justify those pair of Loubies or Choos or Manolos or whatever it was that you bought. I'm dying to hear them all!


Awhile back, I got an award from the fabulous ladies of Bon Bon Rose Girls - Kristin and Megan. Thank you so much ladies!

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