Monday, February 14, 2011

Misc: Happy Valentine's Day!

Ever wondered if there was someone meant just for you?
Ever wondered if soul mate was just a word made up to make someone feel better?
Ever wondered if you'll ever find an honest and decent man/woman?

I found my answers...

Someone was out there meant just for me.
My soul mate was out there waiting for me and no it is not just a made up word.
There are still men/women out there who are decent and honest.

It is possible. It will happen. Do not settle.

All my prayers were answered, I got the confirmation I was looking for. All the 3 signs I prayed for were given - the flowers at work, the single long stemmed red rose when he picked me up at the airport, the church visit that Sunday morning.

Christmas Party 2010

In a few months, I am marrying the man who used to only exist in my dreams - my "Gg".

Happy Valentine's Day my Gg!

And Happy Valentine's day to all of you lovers too!!!

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