Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas presents, etc.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas because the VJ family certainly did! GG and I exchanged our presents on Christmas eve. Not intentionally but because I couldn't contain my excitement when I saw what he got for me. Flashback a week before Christmas and  GG asked me what gift I wanted:

GG:  "Baby what would you like for Christmas?"

me:  "Hhhmm, a new purse."

GG: "Hmmm... seriously what would you like for Christmas?"

Okay, women don't joke about purses (or shoes) when you ask them what they want.

me:  "I already have you! I don't want anything else."

I have been blessed with the sweetest, most loving, honest husband and I could not ask for more.

GG gave me a big hug and a peck and said: "I haven't shopped yet, I haven't had the time."

me: "It's okay, we have each other and that's all that matters."

We were both working the whole week and we had commitments after work. The whole week passed and neither one of us did any more shopping (or so I thought).

The morning of Christmas eve, we were going to do last minute shopping to finish the items on our list. I walked past our 9-foot Christmas tree, grabbed the list and walked past it again. I probably passed the tree a few times that morning. I went to our bedroom, got changed, and went back out so we can be on our way. GG was already dressed, sitting on the couch, surfing on his iPad while waiting for me.

I bought GG's gifts, the week before. So, I took them out and decided to put them under the tree. I didn't want him to know I got him something because I know (again) he hasn't shopped for me, or so I thought!

As I was walking towards the tree, I noticed a brown bag on top of the other presents. After the second, the third and the fourth glance, I knew I wasn't hallucinating. How could I have missed that?! I looked at GG and he had the cutest chuckle ever!

me: "Is that for me? Really?"

GG, now laughing: "I think its for M-----" (my step daughter who's only 11)

me: "I don't think so! That's not on her list!" 

I couldn't wait to see what's in it! I was like a kid with a new toy.

GG: "It's been there since this morning, I was waiting to see if you'd notice it. You can't wait 'til tomorrow can you?"

nodding my head faster than a bobble head and with my arms wrapped around him: "Can I? Please, please?"

GG of course said yes. We exchanged presents the day before Christmas. =)

I got hubby a Raymond Weil Tradition Stainless Steel watch with black face and Croc embossed leather strap, a charging station valet for his night stand and an outdoor smoker (he loves to grill).

When I opened my present - I   D-I-E. He got me the Louis Vuitton Retiro PM Monogram purse.

He even had my initials hot stamped on the strap. So sweet!
I can't wait to style/rock it!

Did you lovelies exchange presents? Do you have a tradition you do during the  holidays?

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