Friday, October 05, 2012

Calendar Girl

Early this year we lost our little Boemee. I was devastated and brokenhearted. I swore to never get another puppy ever. But then one day, my husband and I were driving and I thought I saw this dog on the side of the road. I pointed what I thought I saw to my husband but he didn't see it. Maybe I was imagining, or maybe I was just missing my little Boemee.

It bothered me that night. What if I was right? What if I really saw a dog? A week later, while we were driving to the landscaping place,  my instincts told me to stop by the Humane Society. And so we did. There I saw this sweet, very matted, very quiet little dog. I asked more information about her and found out that they found her wandering on the road where I thought I saw her. It was a sign. I fell in love again. That same day my husband and I put a second hold on her since another family already had the first hold. We left with high hopes.

A couple of days later, I got a call from the Humane Society. Hannah is ours if we still want her. I took the rest of the day off and picked her up.

Hannah (name given by the Humane that we decided to keep) is a 4 year old poodle mix.  

Hannah when we picked her up from the Humane Society
Since Hannah's hair was badly matted and she had live fleas too,  my mom and I took her to the Vet to be checked and then to our dog groomer to be shaved and treated for fleas.

Hannah with shaved hair - she was pink!

A month later, her curls are starting to grow back
She is very smart, very well behaved and the best part - she loves our kids! She gave them tons of kisses the first time she met them.

Her curls grew back nicely...
Like Boemee, she too loved Greenies

This is Hannah now. Gorgeous, prissy and spoiled rotten.

Specially by my husband who Hannah follows around.

She loves massages! Her tongue is a giveaway don't you think?

She will be featured in the Jacksonville Humane Society's 2013 Calendar. We are proud doggy parents!

Please support your local Humane Society. Before you buy from a breeder, go visit them first and consider adoption instead. Just like us, you might find the little one who will open your heart. =))

Happy Friday everyone!

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