Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dinner Date: NYC Style

Hello lovelies!

It's been quite a while. I just got back from a month long vacation with hubby and I've been busy with work ever since.

Let me share with you some of the pictures of our dinner date in New York.

As soon as our NYC trip was confirmed, hubby made it clear that he wants us to try this restaurant in New York Eleven Madison Park. It is located in yes, Madison Avenue along Madison Park and is named as the #5 Best Restaurant in the world (based on the annual 50 World's Best Restaurant list), and #1 in the US. It is also a 3 Michelin Star restaurant.

When I called a month prior to our trip to book, it was all booked out so I had to pull out some strings and make a very compelling story so they can give us a spot on the day we wanted to dine. With some stroke of luck, I was able to get us a spot on the Monday we were in New York.

It was a 16 course degustation menu and surprisingly, the portion wasn't as small as we expected. The food is superb. I'm no critic but I was impressed by the food and its presentation. The whole meal lasted for about 3 and a half hours. And the service is very professional that you'll wholeheartedly give them the gratuity they well deserve.

After the meal, and after finding out that hubby is a chef, they gave us a free tour of the kitchen and was able to see the chefs in action.

It was a great experience celebrated with excellent food and superb service.

Enjoy the pictures!

We started our dinner with this surprisingly yummy Savory Black and White cookie with Apple.

this turned out to be one of our favorite dish of the night. Our next dish is a very interesting take on Sea Urchin.

It is made of snow with smoked cantaloupe and conch. The third dish is surf clam with fava bean, meyer lemon and green garlic.

Next dish is this very elaborate littleneck clam made of clambake with whelk, parker house roll and chowder.

the pot has a seaweed based that literally smoked as soon as hot water was poured in it. Next is this lobster salad with tomato and lettuce.

The sixth dish is my favorite of the night. It's a foie gras brulle with summer berries and beets. Very good!

Next dish is called carrot tartare with rye bread and condiments.

The carrots are grind in front of you. They bring out a grinder and set it up in your table, then a chef comes out and grind the carrots while explaining how the dish should be eaten.

Next dish is this very refreshing poached striped bass with zucchini and squash blossoms.

The ninth dish is this interesting corn pudding with truffle and buttermilk in an ostrich egg.

Main course is roasted duck with pistachio, rhubarb and fennel

I am never fond of any duck dish, but this one, I super super love. Next dish is this greensward basket with all kinds of food inside like pretzel, mustard, their own brewed beer and pickled strawberries.

The 12th dish is this egg cream malt with vanilla and seltzer that is prepared in front of you.

Next came the dessert. A mint sorbet with fernet branca and chocolate ganache. 

Next came their own version of cheesecake with mango and peanut.

At the bottom of the cheesecake is this chocolate surprise that is only revealed after a card trick is performed by the server in your table.

 Next  is this chocolate covered pretzel with sea salt and a sweet black and white cookie with apricot.

Here is a peak of the chaos in the kitchen.

they even created a special cocktail for us inside the kitchen for us to drink while watching them in action.

Hope you loved the pictures and you didn't feel too hungry after reading this post.

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