Friday, February 13, 2009

shopping "bug"

There are pros and cons to being sick. Let me start with the cons: I feel awful, I can't eat 'cause my throat hurts like crazy, I'm always sleepy and I am bored to death. Pros: I can't eat, I get to stay in bed longer and I get to do online shopping!

So yes the flu bug did not just get into me, it's cousin "shopping bug" came with it.
Out of boredom today, I managed to get a pair of Antik jeans from RueLaLa, a pair of grey Prada pumps at Barney's and this cute top from Nordstrom. I have found this sale Prada purse as well but it was out of stock wen I tried to get it into my shopping cart. (which I think was a blessing in disguise - as I have already done way too much economic stimulation this month lol )

Anyway, here are my shopping items, everything I got except for the purse and the bracelet.

Spring to Summer 2
Spring to Summer 2 - by freeteyme on

I'll take pictures and post them when I receive the actual items.

Hmmm, being sick does a lot of damage...

Happy Valentine's day everyone!
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