Friday, May 01, 2009

Leonello Borghi Luna Purse

I've heard about Leonello Borghi and his creations from a guy friend. He has one of his guy totes (yup a tote) and the leather was so soft and luxurious. Intrigued by how his collection for women looked like, I went to his website and loved the Luna purse. It has the Birkin look but at a fraction of the price. I searched for stores that carries it here but was unsuccessful. I later found out that his bags for women are only sold from exclusive boutiques.

So, I was surprised to see it on Gilt today. This will be my first one so I am really excited. If the quality is the same as my friend's tote then I know I made a good choice. Besides, the Gilt price was too good to resist.

The Spring/Summer '09 collection of the Luna purse comes in 3 colors - green, white and black. I wanted the green one but the practical side of me thought the white will be more classic and the color will be spot on since the color online may not truly represent the actual one. (Truth is I kinda wish I got the green one instead of the white =( oh well )

Luna Medium Tote

What do you think of the purse lovelies? Do you have one (or more) of Leonello Borghi's creations? Do you love it? Hate it? I'd love to hear what you think.

Happy Friday lovelies!

*** all pictures in this post from GILT groupe

Update: To those of you asking, this is what the green purse looks like.

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