Friday, April 23, 2010

Chronicles of a Pinay bride: I'm engaged!... what's next?

I commend all the brides out there and those who have gone through the entire wedding process for all their patience and diligence in making their dream events come true - hands down, bowing my head, ending with a wave - bravo! It is definitely a lot of work!!!!

Seriously, now that the reality of us being engaged sunk in - I am struggling to get things started. So much to do, to consider, to think about. I am marrying the man of my dreams and I want it to be perfect!

I bought bridal magazines, tons of them! And seriously, all it did was get me all excited but even more lost on where to start! I went to the ever reliable Martha Stewart Weddings websites and started reading their checklists. I also registered at The Knot to use their free wedding website hosting.

We have tons of work to do! I was debating on getting a wedding planner/designer but my philosophy has always been - if I want it done right then I will have to do it. I am very hands-on in everything I do. And planning my wedding is definitely on the top. I am not saying we are not having one. I will need a wedding coordinator/planner for the month of the wedding. Why? The "month of" gets to be very stressful - I need someone to deal with all the stress of following up with all the vendors and making sure everything is delivered on time.

GG has been very supportive and very patient through all this. I do the research and scheduling of where we are going and he always ends up reminding me of our appointments. He helped me update our wedding website, got me a wedding binder to compile and organize all the materials the vendors we meet are giving us, and has been doing his own research for the church ceremony.

We both wanted a small wedding to be attended only by our closest families and friends. This decision made it easy for us to decide what kind of wedding we want. We wanted an elegant but a more relaxed wedding. So after looking at a few places, we have narrowed down our choices to a beach venue, a historic venue or a French villa. BTW, did you know that you have to start booking your venue at least a year out to get the date that you want? Yes! I didn't know that that many people are getting married!  

Anyway, the beach venue was gorgeous, the sea, the sand, tons of activities and shopping around the city - but the hotel resort book 2 events at the same day and that was a turn off for us. Not to mention it will be very hot around that time and the heat and humidity just does not go well with my hair! Oh and the venue coordinator was snotty cold.

***from The Ritz Carlton

The historic venue was beautiful. The views, the history, the things to do around the city would be perfect for our destination wedding. I fell in love with the loft feel of the room, the high exposed ceilings, hard wood floors, the wrap around porch - perfect for  a reception. This was my second choice.

***from The White Room

However, I have already pictured our wedding in the very first venue we looked at. The gardens, the pond, the villa, exposed beams, hand scraped wood floors was breathtaking. It felt right. Plus - everyone there  were so nice.

So, last Wednesday, we booked our venue....

003_KRadfordPhoto (2)
*** from PVG

Date - check!
Venue - check!

Still got ways to go but will definitely get there!

Have a great weekend lovelies!

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