Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chronicles of a Pinay Bride: The search for the wedding photographer…

So, we have a date, we found the reception venue (and backup ceremony venue too – to explain why we need a back-up ceremony venue requires a different post) ,   and the next most important thing in our to do list  is the photography.

We, brides, spend a lot of time preparing for the big day. Meticulously planning the details of our wedding from the seating cards to the decorations, I know I want everything to be captured perfectly so when everything is done and over, we can look  back and relive every moment of it.
We have families who reside in different countries – Australia, Canada, Europe, Asia – you name it, and those who reside in different states. Unfortunately, not all of them will make it. This is another reason why photography is critical for me. I want the moment to be captured as it happens. So that when we share the pictures with them, they too will feel like they were there.

What were our criteria for hiring our photographers?

1. Clear photographs
We’ve interviewed a few photographers and noticed that the pictures were clear in their 5×7 samples or albums, but the blow up samples of the same pictures were blurry. Our conclusion – they were shooting in low resolution format.

2. We both like the photo-journalistic style of photography. I do love to pose and I like pictures that look like they came straight out of a magazine. But, I also love the candid shots. Those shots that you would have missed had they not captured it in camera.

3. I researched and viewed tons of websites before I contacted the photographers to meet with them in person and to view more of their printed work. It was very important for GG and I to meet them in person before hiring them to see if we will “click” or feel at ease with them.  How can you smile in the camera if the photographer is obnoxious? And of course, some of the guests are shy and so it might take someone with a fun personality to get them to smile.

4. Budget is also a factor. Although photography is 3rd in our list of priorities, we also have a limit set in our budget.

5. Credentials, references. I interviewed one photographer who bragged that she is a member of the PPA and is insured as well. When we got home I checked her out and did not find her there. Why is this important for us? PPA members’ works are reviewed by other photographers before they are admitted into the association. Who can be a photographer’s worse critic? A fellow photographer.

6. Insurance. Let’s say during the day of the wedding the camera fell and got submerged into the pond. All the pictures have been destroyed. If they are not insured, your pictures are gone!
So, after seeing tons of work. We had found our photographers! Yay! Our choice:

This husband and wife destination wedding photographers are just amazing!!!! Their work are gorgeous and their personality – awesome! We met with them over coffee at Starbucks and we ended up chatting and talking for 3 hours!  It’s like we have known them forever!
Gwen and I also have too much in common – we both love photography, we both love accessories and shoes! Now, how awesome is this – she gave me  one of her lens that they have not used for a while! Who does that?! Seriously! Soooo happy and excited to try it out!

I Love Macarons

We can’t wait for Gwen and Matt to take our pictures!
Check their awesome blog here.



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