Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Chronicles of a Pinay Bride: The Colors

I have been in hiatus (again) because I have so much going on right now. Work deadlines, travel and wedding planning of course. It is a matter of juggling a balance between all that's going on. It can be very stressful so I want to get as much of the wedding details figured out as early as possible so I do not turn into a Bridezilla!

GG is as much involved as I am in the planning. He comes with me to appointments and does his own research for some of our vendors. I originally planned on having pink and orange colors for our wedding since we originally planned on having our wedding in the summer.

*image from StyleMePretty

But after experiencing how hot it was this year on the date we originally picked - it is not going to be fun for an outdoor wedding. So, the we decided to move the date sometime in fall. Thank goodness our venue and photographer are available!

Considering it will now be in fall, orange now seems very "Halloween-y" for me. Plus, Gg does not like that color anyway. ;-)

*image from StyleMePretty

me: "What do you think about just having pink for our color?"
Gg:  "Navy blue and gold will be nice - the navy colors!"
me:  "No, we are not having a nautical theme in a French country estate venue. I like pink." batting my lashes...
Gg:  "Navy blue and gold - perfect combination. Pink is too girlie."

So, I paused and thought for a while. Hmmm... This will be a long discussion but I do like blue and I also thought of gold as an accent color. So thinking I was doing a compromise that will work to my advantage... 

me:  "Ok, if I  agree to navy blue but with accents of pink would you let me style our wedding the way I want to?"
Gg:  "Yes."
me:  "Deal! Navy blue with pink accent it is!"

*images from

Now Gg is a very manly man - your typical naval officer. So getting him to agree on pink in the color scheme, to me, was a success! So, while I was basking in joy from my "pink" and designing freedom accomplishment, he blurted out -

Gg:  "Baby, I would have agreed to just pink. I was just giving you a hard time!"

Then, winked at me and left the room with a big grin!

I hope you are all having a great week!


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