Monday, November 19, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Gold Coast Edition

Borrowing a line from Cyndi Lauper's song, don't we all just want to have a break and escape from our busy lives to relax and have fun with our girlfriends? That's exactly what I did the past weekend. With two of my best friends from College in tow, we went to Gold Coast in Queensland for a weekend of fun and relaxation.
We stayed at Surfers Paradise which has an absolutely to die for coast line. I love the contrast of the beach and tall buildings in this city. Its the exact example of the "work hard, party harder" vibe.

Our first day was quite gloomy and rainy but it did not stop us from taking a sunset cruise along the city's canal. Although we did missed out on sunset because of the weather, who cares as long as you are in a boat cruising along a canal with your girl friends and a glass of bubbly!
For our second day, we had to drive an hour and take a one and a half hours ferry ride to reach Moreton Island. One of the largest sand island in the world. We then had to do a 30 minute off road driving to reach this big sand formation, the site for our sand boarding. 

Yes ladies, sand boarding! It was my first time to do this activity and it was so much fun! The sand formation was so steep and the adrenaline rush is so high and if you could only see how my knees looked after with all the bruises. Suffice it to say, if only for this, the long time it took us to get here was worth it. Bonus that we also get to spend time in the beach to snorkel and swim.
Third day was spent in Warner Bro's MovieWorld, one of Gold Coast's numerous theme parks. I don't know about you but there's something about theme parks that bring out the child in me. And I absolutely love roller coasters. The more complex it is, the better. You sit there, scream your lungs out, make sure your eyes are open and then you raise your hand the whole ride..such freedom!

It was just a short vacation but we had so much fun. We ended up planning our next trip already. 

What about you lovelies, how do you spend vacations with your girlfriends? And oh, can someone please tell me why do vacations have to end? :)

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