Saturday, April 06, 2013

News Junkie

Yes, I'm a news junkie.

I read the newspaper everyday and I always visit and some local news websites to keep up with current affairs. I'm one who doesn't believe that watching the news is boring. :)

So when I came across PressReader application in my mobile, I got curious and excited. You see, this application gives you access to a huge selection of newspapers from around the world. You can subscribe to as much as you like from whichever country and language you like.

Whats good about this is that you are also helping the environment by saving on paper, since all the newspapers come in digital form. Its basically a PDF format of the actual newspaper. You get the feel that you are actually reading the newspaper (except its in your mobile device or tablet) without having to carry a bulky and heavy paper.

You can choose your newspapers by country


 or by language

And you can set it up such that it automatically downloads the latest edition of the newspaper in your device everyday. Isn't that great!?  From full page viewing, a simple tap lets you zoom in on a specific article.

 And you don't need to download multiple readers just to read your favorite newspapers.

So if you're a news junkie like me, go ahead and try it out. Its available in Android, Windows, Apple and Blackberry devices.

Remember, it's not at all bad to be current affairs savvy.  Have fun reading lovelies!


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