Monday, April 15, 2013

Perks of Being a Chef's Wife: The Bourbon at Kings Cross

Being married to a chef is not an easy life. This article and this forwarded to me by a friend is spot on. I found myself smiling and nodding while reading them.

Having said that, being married to one also has perks. You get to eat free sometimes and you get freebies in most cases.

So far, he has worked for three restaurants and boy do I get spoiled every time I eat on those places.

They make you order their 7 course degustation/tasting menu and then forget to mention that you need to save some space because they will be sending out more food for you to try out. There were times I even have to beg them to stop sending food because I'm on the verge of experiencing "food comma".

And when it's time to ask for the bill, the restaurant manager approaches and says "it's on us" or "so and so took care of it". Well now, isn't that lovely!?

And just recently, my husband started work in a new restaurant, The Bourbon at Kings Cross which has a Creole inspired menu with James Metcalfe at the helm.

As our customary practice, he brings me to the restaurant in one of his rest days to dine and taste their food.

I like the design of the place. There is an old/vintage feel to it.

And of course the food. The moment we sat, the kitchen sent out this heart warming gumbo.

Spicy duck broth, smoked sausage, red chili and coriander

We then ordered this finger licking good crab clusters with its light spiced butter

Grilled Alaskan crab clusters

and this Melon and Ham to start. The combination of watermelon with the ham and mint is a pleasant surprise for me. It was so refreshing!

Watermelon, serrano, mint, chilli, white pepper vinegar

For our mains, my husband ordered the Porchetta. The skin was so crispy while the meat melts in your mouth.

Belly, sage, spices

I ordered lobster and chips. The butter and truffle in the lobster was a perfect combination. And of course you can never go wrong with parmesan fries. (ok, i'm a cheese lover that's why!)

Grilled, montpellier butter, truffle, parmesan fries

For dessert, the kitchen made us try all the dessert in the menu.The s'mores were to die for. Such a simple dessert but the chocolate they use is superb. I can't get enough of it.

I'm not a fan of pumpkin pies but the combination of the pie and the ginger ice cream worked well.

Pecan tart, Lime cheesecake, S'mores

Beignets. Peppered strawberry caramel, whipped cream

Pumpkin pie with ginger ice cream

So if you happen to be in Sydney or going to Sydney, why not drop by The Bourbon and experience for yourself the nice food and the super nice chefs (my husband included!). 

Bias aside, the food is good. But as you may know by now, when it comes to food, I am very easy to please. :)

Have an awesome week lovelies!

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