Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hugh Jackman in the Academy

I have always been a Hugh Jackman fan. I think he's hot. He's like one of those wines that gets better as it age.

Anyway, I just watched Barbara Walters interview Hugh Jackman and after watching it I admired him even more! He's got the looks - the incredible smile, hunk-a-hunk of body, he acts (theatre - played a gay in the The Man from Oz - and film), sings really well and dances too!

But there are 2 things he said that made me admire him even more. First is when he said "I love my wife so much, i love her more and more every day"... or something like that. And second, was when he talked about his dad and what his dad told him - "When my son sings at the Carnegie hall, it's black tie event for me." Aaawwww!

Can't wait to see him perform at the Oscars tonight. He will have a song/dance number. Here's a preview of what's in store:

Click here to watch portions of Barbara Walter's interview.
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