Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Work outfit...

I always have a difficult time finding clothes to wear to work that will still show my fashion sense yet conservative enough to command the respect of my colleagues specially since I am the youngest among them =) .

But shoes are a different story - I can wear whatever I want whenever I want =)) and the best part about shoes - your size do not change whether you grow old, gain weight or lose weight!

This bordeaux pair from CL is one of my favorite. I can wear them with almost anything and everywhere - from the boardroom to brunch to dinner. And it adds that subtle punch of color when needed.

what I am wearing:
jacket: Banana Republic
dress: Ann Taylor
skinny belt: Baker's
shoes: Christian Louboutin
pearl accessories: flea market finds in Boracay

Oh, and since nude shoes have been a thing lately, I got these new Manolo's at Saks. Thanks to my adorable baby sis Coco who found them, called me, tried them on and bought them for me.

Since we have the same shoe size and shoe taste, we call each other up when there are good sales going on.

Found any good shoe deals lately? What do you typically wear to work?

xs: Thanks for emailing me about the issue with the word verification when adding comments. I already took it off. Mwah!
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