Monday, March 16, 2009

jump start Monday

How was your weekend?

Mine was eventful. Dinner out on Friday night, Saturday I met my dear friends Trixie and Rodgin at the Town Center. We shopped a little - got really good deals at Banana Republic since they sent us coupons for additional 30% off. Wouldn't miss that of course so I went home with a couple of cute dresses and a top. (You all probabaly guess it by now that I shop there and BCBG a lot.) When I'm with them, Starbucks is always a part of the itinerary. It's always good to see them as I always have tons of fun. Rodgin is such a darling and he always cracks me up. He is the most talented pianist ever! Trixie is the sweetest and keeps me in check. =)

Saturday didn't end there, off I went to dreaded Home Depot for my garden essentials. Yes my dear - I had to replace some of the plants that didn't make it through the winter. Not my cup of tea but I had too since I already received a notice from the HOA. My gardener had gone AWOL and I will not risk getting another notice =(. I am still not done! Sunday was spent doing the same thing and we managed to finish planting the new flowers and bushes. Then comes mulching - but this time instead of mulch, I decided to use the red lava rocks. Hmmm.... it was already dark by the time we finished so I don't know how it will look in the morning. I miss living in a town home where I do not have to worry about landscaping! I'll take a picture when all the rocks have been laid down. I was so tired and proud of the work we've done that I ended up rewarding myself with 2 slices of cheesecake and another dessert...

So, I hope your weekend was less "physical" than mine ;-)

Anyway, it's Monday again and this video got me cracking up and thought I'd share it with you all - Happy Monday!

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