Sunday, August 23, 2009

Look: Ink on Paper and an Award!

I was floored by what I got in my email the other night from the awesome, soooo cool and very talented Dakota of Dakota's Journal.


Thank you Dakota! I love, love, love, love it!!!!
Check out his blog to see more of his awesome work!

Click June022009 023 to see the inspiration for my ink on paper look ;-) ...

I also got this award a while back from the darling Little Bow Prep whose blog I adore...

cutes blogger award

As a rule, I need to list 10 random facts about me:

1. I'm a techie (nice way of saying a geek). I have an engineering undergrad and I work for an IT company. BUT, I am a geek who loves shoes and fashion ha ha

My Office

2. I have 2 awesome siblings, who I love to death and are my best friends. We all live in different states so it's a little difficult to get us all three in the same picture.

09062006 - Noah 1st Birthday (75)3Mariasbugs
**update: wearing 3D glasses here (@Disney World)

3. I'm a member of the local church choir. I love to sing, I can remember most lyrics but I am bad at remembering the artist or the title of the song. =P

07Dec19 - Christmas Cantata (167)

4. I love watching movies. Friday nights are usually movie nights. Recent movies we saw were GI Joe (I surprisingly enjoyed) and The Time Traveler's wife which was just okay for me.

The TIme Traveler's Wife

5. I have an extreme personality. I can be very social or withdrawn. Is that typical of a Leo?

6. I'm a product of an all girl's Catholic school until high school.

SRC Batch 1990
**update: can you guess where I am here?

7. I enjoy pilates and Zumba. After all the eating I did this week, I definitely need to start working out again.

8. I'm almost 5'11" tall when I'm wearing heels.

9. I enjoy throwing and hosting parties.

10. I love the beach but I don't like the sun. Weird isn't it? Specially since I lived in the tropics most of my life and migrated to the sunshine state where the beach is only a few minutes drive. =)

I am passing this award to the following (not just) cute and uber cool blogs:
1. Dakota's Journal
2. Bon Bon Rose
3. Savvy Mode
4. Just a Girl in the City
5. Oh Mishka
6. Fashion Bananas
7. Breakfast at Saks
8. Midtown Girl9. Marian Kihogo
10. As I was Saying

The rule:
• Each blogger must post these rules.
• Each blogger must list ten random facts/habits about themselves and pass the award on to other recipients.
• The award recipients then need to do the same.
• Don't forget to leave a comment telling the recipients about the award!

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