Sunday, September 27, 2009

Misc: Home is where the heart is....

I was going to do my weekly outfit post but rather decided that this is more important than that. My dad's birthday was on Friday. I called him and my mom and asked them how they are doing and what their plan was. They said they will just go to dinner and stay home since the weather forecast was not good.

The following morning, I found out that a typhoon hit Metro Manila and caused flash floods. My parent's house was not affected but my lola's house (grandmother's) was submerged in water. A neighbor had to help her get on the roof where she stayed there overnight with their dog while my Lolo (grandpa) got stranded on the road. J's house also suffered the same fate. The entire Metro Manila was flooded within a matter of hours. Death toll is now up to 140 (CNN).

Some pictures around Metro Manila:

(Source: unknown; please let me know if you took these pictures for proper credit)

Sorry to start the week with such a bad news. It is in times like these that I tend to become sentimental about being away from my parents. I will have to fly thousands of miles to get to them. It was such a relief to hear their voices after none of my calls got connected and no response from my text messages until Saturday morning (we are 12 hours behind). I am just glad they are safe and doing okay.

Prayers go to the families of all who were affected.

If you'd like to help out - please visit the Philippine Red Cross website
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