Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Head Over Heels...

No, I am not talking about my shoes or anyone else's for that matter. So, read on and bear with me just for today...

I have never shared the romantic aspect of my personal life with you lovelies for several reasons. I am a very private person despite the fact that I am showing my face to you all and sharing the little bits about myself when I get tagged. I also do not have the courage to express it out there. Thus, I admire and live through a couple of my fave bloggers - Liz of It's Unbeweavable and Midtown Girl for their openness and honesty. And really, there was not much to share - I have not been in a romantic relationship for a while. Period. I got used to being alone and enjoying being single, finding the old me and getting comfortable with it. I never knew moving on would be a good thing. It was. It is.

Well, I cannot contain my other new found happiness. My prayer answered. =) Life is good. HE always has plans for you even if you think otherwise. He showed mine through my GG. My God's Gift. I don't mean to sound spiritual but that's how I feel - blessed. So mushy and cheesy - I know! I warned you to bear with me, didn't I? LOL

Will he make an appearance in my blog? Probably not. But you may hear from me every now and then talking about him. About us. =)

Anyway, a little something to share this lovely Tuesday with all of you my lovelies...

Keep hoping, keep loving, believe!


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