Thursday, April 25, 2013

Boy's Clubhouse

As soon as the kids come home, the first thing we do is to make sure their homework are done and check their bags for notes/letters/communications from the school and their teachers. One day my step son came home and showed us the school paper he wrote for an in-class writing. He wrote about his room.We don't always have them with us so it was so heart warming that he wrote about it. He described the color of his room, the size of his bed, what's on his walls, how he had the Flag of honor displayed on his wall, his Taekwondo medals and awards and his NFL pennants. Every little detail of it. I wish I had kept his paper at home.

Anyway, here's a look at little VJ's room...

alarm/dock: iHome
bed & night stand: Haverty's 
paint color: Rain (SW6219) by Sherwin Williams

Last year, one of the cities we took the kids for the summer vacation was New York City and we made sure we visited the 911 Memorial. Although they were not born yet when that happened, they have heard all about it in school. Little VJ saw the Flag of Honor and insisted we get it for him. He had us hang it on his bedroom wall.

10th Anniversary Flag of Honor: 911 Memorial Store, NYC
NFL pennants: here
dresser: Haverty's

So what boy's room will be complete without a sign that prohibits girls and pink from coming in?

Little VJ picked the tin signs himself while Mr. VJ painted the letters and hang everything on his wall.

We can say that Little VJ appreciated the effort we put into making his room "his" ;-)

I hope you are all having a great week!


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